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Idea Title: CLEANIT

An AI based Autonomous Smart Robot that can collect wastes from water surface.


Idea Title: Design and Development of Water Purification System based on Single Slope Stepped Solar Still for the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

A solar still follows a relatively basic method of distilling water that is driven by the sun’s heat. Basically, solar desalination works on principle the same as that of rain. In a con- ventional solar still, the container is filled


Idea Title: Project Linear Drain Cleaner

We have designed a drain cleaner which will automatically roam in a line of a drain and at the front, we used a cycling system of waste collect and taking mechanism. With very easy and efficient planning of clean designing,


Idea Title: Drain Cleaner Robot Design

Water blocking road has become a common and great problem in Bangladesh, specially in the rainy season. So we came up with our idea of a robot with design and specification which can solve this problem in less cost and


Idea Title: Drain cleaning robot

Project name: Drainbot. Member: Md. Jaeen Nur Aranya ( Idea and CAD) , Contact Number :01866429115 ; Himel Datta Choudhury (Idea), Contact Number : 01796539107 ; Mahfuzur Rahman (Idea), Conctact Number: 01310067536; Batch: ME-1.1.


Idea Title: Electricity Generation using Solar-powered Stirling Engine

This project analyzes the performance of an alpha configuration Stirling engine generator using a parabolic reflector as a heat source. The parabolic reflector functions due to the geometric properties of the paraboloidal shape, any incoming ray that is


Idea Title: Project Crimson

An alternative of receptionist & accountants


Idea Title: Motorcycle trailer using Mechanical toolkit set

I have designed a pullover cart using mechanical toolkit set


Idea Title: Anti Water Logging Drainage System

Nowadays the drainage system in our country is a curse for us. So we are trying to solve this problem


Idea Title: Water Cleaning Boat/Vehicle

The main aim of this project is to reduce the pollution in water bodies.


Idea Title: Non Anthropomorphic Bipedal Robotic System

This Non-Anthropomorphic Bipedal Robotic System (NABiRoS) modifies the traditional bipedal form by aligning the legs in the sagittal plane and adding a compliance to the feet. The platform is comparable in height to a human, but weighs much less because


Idea Title: 3 Axis CNC Engraver Machine

A computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine which typically mounts a hand-held router as a spindle which is used for cutting various materials, such as wood, composites, metals, plastics, glass, and foams.


Idea Title: Automatic Floor/Road cleaner machine

This machine can be used for cleaning roads using the vaccum system


Idea Title: Clogged Drain Cleaner Machine

A Machine with complete unique & individual idea to eradicate clogged drain problems in Bangladesh.


Idea Title: Multipurpose Shredding Machine

It is build to shred multi purpose products