Rocer Bogie with Bar Differential Mechanism

  • Name: Hossain Masum (Participant)

Mark: 15

Short Description:

The Rocker bogie suspension system allows the rovers to rise above higher obstructions with better slanting ability. The term “rocker” basically implies the rocking motion of the bigger links of the suspension system. These bigger links on each side of the rover connect the front wheel with the rear two and allow the front wheel to give a rocking motion. The term “bogie” refers to the backside fitted with an arrangement of two connected wheels. In a stable condition, this arrangement helps keep all of its six wheels on the ground at all times.

Idea Details:

To overcome an obstacle, the front wheels are forced against the obstacle by the rear wheels. The rotation of the front wheel then lifts the front of the vehicle up and over the obstacle. The middle wheel is pressed against the obstacle by the rear wheel and pulled against the obstacle by the front until it is lifted up and over. Finally, the rear wheel is pulled over the obstacle by the front two wheels. During each wheel's traversal of the obstacle, the forward progress of the vehicle is slowed or completely halted. These rovers move slowly and climb over the obstacles by having wheels lift each piece of the suspension over the obstacle one portion at a time.

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